23 September 2017

Saturday Stitching #18: The one where I'm dressed like an adult

I know I said I wasn't going to record for a while, but I was already dressed, so why not?

09 September 2017

Saturday Stitching #17: More Chatty than Stitchy

I didn't have much to show today, but I had a lot of thoughts on how my stitching is progressing.

One thing I didn't mention in the video is why I don't have a lot to show. Lately, I've been blaming it on studying and coursework taking up my time but that is not entirely true. Real talk? It is my old nemesis, procrastination. Once I turn my computer on and grab my cup of coffee in the morning, the time wasting begins.

As I've mentioned on this blog before, I struggle with prioritizing tasks and sticking to it. In the past week, I've done pretty well as far as getting a good start to my day by making sure I do my daily devotions and my exercise as soon as I wake up. After that, the routine falls apart. Right now the battle is between studying and making money on Rev (freelance transcription). Which one should I do first? Which one deserves more of my time? I want to do well in my classes so I can get a decent job, but that is over a year away. We need money now, but I'm still so slow at transcription that it takes half the day to make $20. No matter which thing I'm doing, I always think I should be doing the other one, so I don't do either one.

What is worse is that I don't even procrastinate well. Instead of knitting or reading, which would at least give me something to talk about in my videos and on my blogs, I procrastinate by watching YouTube videos and reading random articles on the Internet. This has been my struggle for a while. I don't  know how to get a handle on it, but I keep trying.

02 September 2017

Saturday Stitching #16: Only Hooks This Week

I've been doing mostly crochet lately but not finishing much. I need to pick up some knitting needles for a change of pace!

23 August 2017

Back to school time!

My community college did a big reorganization that took effect this fall semester. They discontinued five programs of study, including mine (Web Technologies), and created several more. This meant that I had to pick a new major since I wouldn't be able to finish by the end of the spring semester. Yes, I know I have been taking classes for a while and should have graduated by now, but between financial issues, working full time for a while, and classes filling up quickly, I wasn't able to.

I became interested in medical billing and coding a few years ago, but my college didn't have an associate's degree track for that program of study. So I continued with the Web Technologies major even after I realized that I didn't have the creativity or the math skills to be a web developer. I think this happens with a lot of students; once you've gone so far, you are afraid to switch gears and basically start over.

Luckily for me, the college took the decision out of my hands. I had to pick a new major. I went online to switch over to Digital Media, which was the new degree track that was closest to my old major, when I discovered that in the reorganization the college had added an associate's degree in Medical Office Admin -- Billing and Coding. Huzzah!

So I picked up my books today and tomorrow I will start digging into my coursework.  Yes, it feels like I am starting back at the beginning, but I don't think that my past classes were a waste of time. In addition to having all my remedial math and general education classes out of the way, I feel like I've learned how to avoid distractions and get the most out of the coursework, which is a challenge when taking online classes. I'm determined to start this semester off on the right foot. Wish me luck!