21 July 2017

Almost FO: Wonder Woman Toddler Blanket

One of these days I will finish a gift way before the event. This is not that day.

15 July 2017

Saturday Stitching #13: One and Almost Done

Another video of me rambling about a project. That seems to be all I do these days, isn't it?

08 July 2017

Saturday Stitching #12: Gift knitting takes over

Despite the fact that my left hand is still not back to normal, I did my best to continue working on my projects. I even added a new one!

24 June 2017

Saturday Stitching #11: Slow Hands

I'm not stitching as quickly as I would like to, but I'll talk more about that in another post.

17 June 2017

Saturday Stitching #10: That's why I'm not a designer

I spent more time with my hooks and needles this week than I did last week, but it doesn't look like I did much. That is what happens when three out of four of your projects used fingering weight yarn.