06 December 2005

One hand clapping

How wired are your friends? I don't mean your online friends; I'm talking about the people you see day to day. E-mail, push e-mail, web chat, text messaging, instant messaging, file sharing, mp3s -- wherever you turn in the media, you get the impression that everyone is latching on to new technology. My neck of the woods, however, seems to be full of tech neophytes. My preferred method of communication is e-mail, but nobody uses it. Over 50% of our friends and acquaintances have computers that are underpowered, and all most all of them have dial-up internet access. No one I know owns a PDA, and only one friend has a laptop. None of them have mp3 players; they still buy physical CDs. In the gaming arena, no one has XBoxes around here. My kids only know two classmates who own a Nintendo DS, and a PSP is considered a device for people with more money than sense.

Why I am thinking about all of this? I guess I'm a bit lonely out here. "No one to e-mail, all by myself . . ." I imagine this must be how the person who got the first telephone in their village felt. It is cool to be first, but it is even more fun to have someone to play with. The funny thing is that I have been a square peg for years. I'm used to not having anyone share my interests; why is it bothering me now?
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