21 July 2005

Quick HP6 observations; Habla espanol?

I finally finished reading HP6 on Tuesday night. It felt like it was taking me forever because my local friends who are into the book are childless and single so they could sit up all night and devour it in one gulp. I am not going to do a review because I have discovered after several weeks of writing podcast reviews that I suck at it. There are a few comments I wanted to make but they are spoiler-free.

As Pink commented, once you read the book you will wonder why that title was used. It reminds me a bit of getting an album and wondering why there isn't a song on the album that matches the album's title. It is just something that is expected.

The book seems to plod along until the last five chapters. Until I got to that point, I kept wondering when the story was going to get darker. J. K. Rowling noted that each book would get progressively darker, but I didn't really see it. The tone of this book made it seem like it should have been the third or fourth one instead of the sixth.

One good thing about the new book is that Harry doesn't seem to be having as many growing pains as he did in HP5. I've read that one twice and both times I felt very annoyed with him because he was getting mad at everybody for very little reason. His bratty behavior almost made him unsympathetic.


I've mentioned on the blog before that I rarely make goals because many of the things I want to do seem totally impossible. One goal that I keep trying to reach despite the magnitude of the task is to learn Spanish. It is more of a dream than a goal because I would like to read and speak it fluently. I want to watch telenovelas without subtitles and read Spanish-language novels without a dictionary by my side. Crazy, huh? This desire comes around every spring along with the urge to plant a garden. So I checked out the newest Berlitz CDs and a copy of Como agua por chocolat from the library to give it another shot. At the very least, C1 (who is dying to learn also) will pick up a few words and it will be a refresher for M before she goes back to school in four weeks.
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