17 March 2006

Lost Holidays

When I was in elementary school in NY, I was aware of almost every holiday and religious observance. The teachers made a big deal of decorating for everything: Washington's birthday, Valentine's Day, Columbus Day, etc. There would be smudges on Catholic foreheads for Lent, and the Jewish kids would leave on Friday afternoons for Hebrew lessons. Nowadays, every holiday except Christmas seems to catch me unawares. Part of it is because I am not in school, but I think living in a semi-rural area is also a factor. I don't think any of my kids will be invited to a bat mitvah or first communion party as long as we are living here.

Anyway, yet another holiday snuck up on me this week--St. Patrick's Day. Green is not a big part of my kids' wardrobes. They each lean toward a particular color and I encourage this because it helps me greatly when sorting the laundry:

M is pink
C1 is purple
C2 is red
DJ is yellow

Because of my poor planning and the lack of green clothing, I was stringing beads to make necklaces and bracelets for the kids to wear so they wouldn't get pinched. Just in case my sister is reading this: C2 is wearing AKA colors today :-).
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