19 January 2006

Project Runway "On Thin Ice"

This episode's challenge was to create an outfit for a figure skater. I'm guessing this is the equivalent of last season's postal worker outfit, the "design for work" challenge. My thoughts:

--Why are they bothering with the model challenge? It is obvious that the designers are going to stick with their original choice. No one has switched models yet. They should just cut that scene out of the show until somebody actually makes a change.

--Seeing the designers dressed in the skating costumes was my giggle for the evening. Poor Emmett! Out of all of them, he looked the most like a fool. Zulema didn't let on, but I think she knew it was figure skating right away because she was the only girl to put on the over-the-top show makeup.

--Speaking of Zulema, it cracked me up to hear her say that she never uses glitter while she was wearing glittery gold eyeshadow!

--Although Zulema's dress looked the most like a functional skating costume, my favorite was Chloe's. Emmett's fabric had so much potential, but the end result was boring. As usual, Santino's design was too far out. I was disappointed in Nick's costume; I thought that he would have done much better since he was the only one who really seemed to be a fan of Sasha Cohen's.

--I think the judges give Santino too much credit. They keep saying that he is talented, but how many crazy dresses does he have to design before they give him the boot? I guess they are going with the "art is supposed to make you feel something" rule, even if that something is disgust. Apparently a boring dress is worse than an ugly one.

If I had to choose my final three right now, it would be Chloe/Daniel/Nick. Their designs have been consistently good which I think will help them ride out the next few eliminations.
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