28 January 2011

Another Quick Autoinjector Update

I've started participating in an MS forum on Ravelry. You know how it is -- something new is happening to you and you are dying to talk about it, but the people around you are sick of hearing about it. Where is do you go but to a group of people who are going through the same thing?

Anyway, someone in that forum recommended changing the depth setting on my autoinjector to see if that would lessen the discomfort. Voilà! Vive la différence! All I feel now is a tiny prick of the needle. I've done my last three shots with the changed setting, and I don't even dread doing them any more. I did today's shot at 7:30p instead of fretting and stalling until 11p. Loaded the injector, did the shot, went back to what I was doing.

I am so thankful because I was beginning to think that my Rebif injection would be something that would ruin my evenings for years to come. Now it is just another task like washing my hair.
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