25 May 2005

Podcast Talk: The Roadhouse

Exercise: 15 minutes (vigorous dancing)
Breakfast: on plan
Lunch: slightly off plan
Snacks: on plan

I was going to talk about another one of WFMU's podcasts but I have to ask: have any of you been to The Roadhouse? Tony Steidler-Dennison puts on one cool show. He has that Saturday night vibe going that makes feel like I should be in a hot dress with a drink in my hand. This is one of the slickest podcasts I've heard to date and it is recorded in his laundry room! The weekly show consists of blues by independent artists with a couple segments on podcasting news and blues history thrown in.

Over the years I've become set in my ways and I am much less likely to listen to a new artist. A whole show of unknown music is especially difficult for me to sit through because I need some familiar songs in between to hold my interest. This show, however, has broken through that barrier. The music industry thinks that mp3s will harm their business, but they are wrong. I could burn free shows like The Roadhouse and Coverville to CDs myself, but the music is so good that it makes me want to go out and buy more of the artists' work.

At an average of 60 minutes per show, it is longer than many podcasts. The music is so good, though, that you'll be panting for more. Do yourself a favor -- go visit Tony's place and tell him I sent you :-).
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