26 May 2005

Tech Talk

Exercise: none
Breakfast: on plan
Lunch: on plan
Snacks: on plan

Heads up! I am trying to teach myself how to add some of the stuff that I see on all the cool kids' blogs, like buttons. So if you visit my space and everything looks kind of wonky, please bear with me.

One of the things I do when I am stressed and trying to avoid reality is to play game demos. Our budget doesn't allow for me to actually buy games, so I turn to demos to give me a taste of what I am missing. Sometimes I play demos of big commercial games, while other times I play the little Bejeweled knockoffs that are all over the internet. Usually they are set to stop functioning after 60 minutes, and for most of the little games that is plenty of time for me to get my fill. However, there has been one game recently that has tempted me to plunk down $20. It is called Subway Scramble and it is published by PlayFirst. Your objective is to flip the correct switches so that the trains stop and start at the right places to pick up and let off passengers. You have to avoid letting the trains or the stations get too full while making sure the trains don't crash into each other. The graphics have a bright, colorful pop art sort of look which keep you interested in what would otherwise just be another coffee break game.
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