16 May 2005

This week's knitting; Everwood ruminations

Exercise: 20 min. (walking)
Breakfast: stayed on plan
Lunch: off plan

I'm finally making some progress on C1's halter. The back has been knit and blocked, and I have worked my way up to the charted lace design on the front. Knitting from charts is not my favorite thing, mainly because I can't do it on the road. I plan to drag myself away from the computer for the next few evenings so that I can finish this thing. Hopefully, I will have some decent progress to photograph and post this week.

Tonight's TV lineup will be 7th Heaven, Everwood, and possibly the last half of the Grey's Anatomy episode that we started watching last night. Everwood in particular has been very good this season, but I am wondering if it will be able to come back strong next year. A lot of the plot twists that made the show so interesting to watch, like Ephraim blowing off his Julliard audition to piss off his father, are also things that would normally be considered detrimental to the long life of a series. Even without the twists, the teenagers will all be college age next year and Everwood isn't exactly a college town. I can't imagine anything that they would write into the story to make the kids stay in town that would look natural. Bright staying home was one thing because they had already established him as a slacker, but I can't see a good reason for Amy to ignore Harvard and Princeton.

One more TV note before I pull myself away from the computer: I found a cool connection this week. One of ABM's favorite new shows is Kevin Hill. We've read rumours that it may not be picked up for next season but haven't read anything definite. One of my favorite podcasts is Geeks On, which is five guys on the fringes of the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. One of the geeks, Aaron Hendricks, has mentioned a couple times that his sister is an actress. It turns out that his sister plays my favorite character on Kevin Hill! Since podcasting is still so new, podcasters tend to answer their e-mail fairly quickly so I shot off a message to Aaron yesterday asking if he knew the fate of his sister's show. He responded this morning and said that he will find out Tuesday or Wednesday. Nice to have an inside track :-).
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