01 April 2008

Joe Murphy Memorial Podcast

I didn't get to know Joe Murphy personally, but I enjoyed listening to him on the various Farpoint Media podcasts. He always had something nice to say when I called in to their voicemail line, which encouraged me to increase my presence online and make several new internet friends. If you've enjoyed hearing my voice on various podcasts or appreciated my renewed dedication to blogging, thanks go in part to Joe.

Unfortunately, Joe died of a rare form of cancer on 01 April 2007. It was a harsh blow not only to his real-life family and friends, but also to the many people who had read his reviews and appreciated his zingers on the podcasts. For a lot of folks, Joe is associated with their introduction to podcasting so it was like losing the person who first gave you ice cream.

Several of his friends put together a memorial podcast to share their memories of him. The blog also gives you information about leiomyosarcoma, the disease that took him so suddenly. It may seem strange to listen to a memorial podcast for someone you never met. However, if you have a friend or relative who thinks that the internet is full of nothing but perverts and recluses, point them to this site. The internet has communities just like your church or your bowling league, and people care when one of their own falls.
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