01 May 2005

Shrug: The New Poncho?; Other stuff

Several knitbloggers, such as Christie, have speculated in recent posts as to whether the shrug is going to be the new poncho. Are we all going to be totally sick of it in a few months? Are some of us going to go on a shrug binge and knit shrugs for every pair of naked arms in their immediate vicinity? Are there knitters who have already decided they will not knit one at all because they are sure the trend will be over any minute?

The shrug thing is amusing to me because the first thing I completed when I returned to knitting eight years' ago was a shrug. I didn't even plan to get back into knitting because I hadn't knit for almost 14 years prior to that time. I was searching for a going-away present for my dance teacher (yes, I learned to tap-dance when I was 29 and pregnant with twins) . ABM bought me an Incredible Sweater Machine for my birthday that year. I struggled with that thing just long enough to get the knitting bug again. In my search for patterns I saw shrugs everywhere. According to the knitting mags, shrugs were supposed to be the next big thing but they never took off. That didn't stop me from knitting one for my dance teacher. It was a plain shrug knit with 3 strands of Red Heart Super Saver held together -- ugh! I realize now that it was ghastly, but she was a well-bred young lady who had obviously been taught to accept all gifts graciously. We both live in the same subdivision now; I should probably knit her another one.
I'm starting to rethink my afghan goal. Perhaps it would be easier if I started a little smaller, namely baby blankets. Yes, I know that I have already knit one this year but I know two other women who are having babies in September. Rather than wait for ABM to make a request in August, I could be proactive and get started now. That way, I won't feel so pressured. Also, knitting the baby blankets may push me into afghan mode. I sound like I am grasping at straws, don't I?
Yesterday I was listening to the Geek Speak podcast while I was in the tub (I'll review that podcast next if I haven't already), and I was pleasantly surprised to hear them comment on my post. I was even more surprised when they said they visited my blog and read my Podcast Wednesday post. I feel a bit unworthy because my blog isn't nearly geeky enough for techies to read. As much as I love video games and comic books, I don't play or read them very much. Perhaps I just like the idea of their existence, knowing that someday when I'm not so busy I'll be able to partake of them. I wonder how many video-game playing grandmas are going to be out there with me when I turn 64?
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