27 January 2009

Yet another reason why I am the husband and ABM's the wife

Remember that old comedy bit that shows a man living with a woman for the first time and being put off by all her girly things in the bathroom, like the pantyhose hanging from the shower curtain rod? Well, it came to my mind this morning as I was standing over the tub to brush my teeth. Why was I brushing my teeth over the tub, you ask? Well, I couldn't use my sink because my wife had his precious socks soaking in it.

ABM is very particular about laundry, so much so that he does all the laundry for the household. He is especially partial to super-white socks, so he soaks them in bleach overnight. He doesn't even like his socks to come in contact with the lowly socks from the rest of the family. Last week, I borrowed a pair of his socks (I do not own a single pair of socks, but that is a different story). A few days later, ABM asked me where they were. I told him I threw them in the dirty laundry. He got a horrified look on his face and said, "You put them in with the general population?". Puh-leeze.

The rest of the world may see my tall, bald, dark-skinned husband as intimidating, but they just don't know. He is such a girl! Luckily, I easily slip into husband mode when he is being all wifey, so it's all good :-).
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