04 May 2005

Podcast Talk: Geek Speak Radio

As promised, I am giving Geek Speak Radio a mention on my official Podcast Wednesday. There's nothing spectacular about this show, but that is why I like it. The hosts Rob and Mike sound like guys who enjoy geeky entertainment but they aren't stealing their kids' milk money to get it. I can identify with them because I am interested in games but I don't have the money to buy everything that comes along. I also don't have the time to play a game for hours; the last marathon session I had with a game was when the original Sims was released. When these guys review a game they mention things that are important to me, such as the learning curve on a game and whether I need to shut it off the minute my 8-year-old comes into the room. They also talk about other geeky things like TiVo hacks. Since TechTV has morphed into the FratBoy Channel, I appreciate any show that gives me little tricks to help me make my computer and other electronic devices work better for me. Go give these guys a listen. Oh, I almost forgot -- yes, Rob and Mike, I am a girl :-).
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