11 February 2005


Jacqueline asked me why I call my husband ABM. No, those aren't his initials. It is a nickname that my former coworkers gave him. I used to work in a call center and you had to have a keycard to get in. When I worked the later shifts, I didn't like sitting outside by myself so I would wait inside for my husband to pick me up. One day, I got engrossed in a conversation with my coworkers and didn't check outside to see if my husband was there yet. The next thing I know, someone is saying there is a big scary black guy at the front glass. I looked up and there was my husband, yelling and gesturing wildly, trying to get someone's attention. He really is a teddy bear, but that day he looked like a maniac! From then on, my friends would always joke, "You better hurry up and go outside before that angry black man comes to the window again!" So that's my DH: Angry Black Man, ABM for short.

I'm still working on the diagonal garter-stitch blanket for Spongebob. I feel like I am in the home stretch now, though, because I am doing the decreases. Seeing the square form is making me knit faster. I've been working on it so long that whenever someone sees me, the first thing they ask is "How's Spongebob coming?" It would be wonderful if I could finish it this weekend!
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