16 July 2005

Health Update; HP6

I'm breaking my HP6 radio silence for a moment just to give a quick update. I'm holding steady at 260 lbs. but I am going to join ABM on the South Beach diet starting Monday. Those of you who know are probably scoffing right now because I usually last about 12 hours on any diet. I believe I am in the right frame of mind to do this right now, though. Even if I only last a week, that could be enough to help me get out of the sugar trap that I am in. My sugar consumption starts early in the day with my two cups of coffee, but I found an instant chai latte with Splenda that isn't too bad.

As for exercise, I'm going to give it another shot next week despite the sciatic pain. I don't like working out in front of ABM, but he starts a night shift on Monday so I no longer have an excuse not to exercise when I get home from work. Hopefully 15 minutes a night will be enough to make a difference.


My book is now in my hand! The mailman delivered Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince at 11:08a. Many people criticize Amazon, but I have never had any problems with them. They always get my books to me quickly. They do make it difficult to hide the book from M, though, because the HP6 pre-orders get their own box with the title printed on the outside. Luckily, M was sleeping late this morning so she didn't see me sneak it in the house.

Now that I have the book, I'm hesitant to open it. There is something perverse in me that likes to delay gratification. Knowing that it is here for me to open any time I want, I am not so anxious any more. Perhaps I'm waiting to read it without M breathing down my neck and asking when I am going to finish it so she can have her turn!
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