14 April 2006

Do they really want to hear us talk?

On The View yesterday, one of the questions in their Hot Topics section was whether our husbands and boyfriends really want to listen to us talk. This brought to mind something that I've been doing lately. I find myself starting silly conversations with ABM because I feel like we should be talking. We may spend two or three evenings in a row sitting in the same room but doing different activities and not talking much. It is a nice, companionable silence. Then I start worrying that our relationship will suffer because we aren't talking, so I try to start some deep conversation that will bring us closer. Ha! All I end up doing is annoying ABM. The stupid thing is that I can be perfectly happy just enjoying my hobbies in the same room with him without talking. My insecurity about the quality of our relationship causes me to mess things up. Add this to the list of things I need to give up in my 40s.
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