01 December 2006

What a week!

Most people do spring cleaning; we do Christmas cleaning.  Right around Thanksgiving, we start decluttering to make room for the presents that we will be buying the kids and to make the house presentable for holiday entertaining.  This year, however, I think that ABM combined the Christmas purge with a mid-life reassessment.  I'm turning 40 in a month which means he has a year before his hits the big number himself, and he's not happy with his current status. 

When ABM takes stock, we all experience the fallout. It's messy but good things are coming out of it.  The whirlwind was set loose on Tuesday while I was at work.  I've done more housework this week than I usually do in the space of three weeks!  ABM finally moved M into the twins' extra large room as a punishment for not keeping her room clean.   Her old room is now our exercise room, which means no more treadmill walking in the cold garage. We switched shelving units around so that all of the bedrooms feel less crowded.  We've filled several containers with books and clothes for Goodwill.  The dishwasher, the oven, and the vacuum cleaners have been fixed.  In the next few weeks, ABM will be pulling up all the carpet on the second floor and replacing it with laminate flooring.

Home improvement projects aren't the only changes being made around here.  ABM is back on the healthy eating kick, and he is dragging us along with him.  He has also promised the kids that we would do more activities as a family since he is on a day shift for the next six months.  That's a pledge that is going to be difficult to keep because we are normally hands-off parents with very little energy, but I appreciate the fact that he is willing to make the effort.  I wonder what life will look like in our house this time next year.
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