07 June 2009

Retro Wish List: Metal Ice Cube Trays

The other day I was wondering how I could get my blog back to the spirit of its name. I call it Straddling the Century Line because my intention was to blog about my passions old and new. In keeping with that, I'm going to start doing some posts under the heading Retro Wish List. These will be posts about things that I either had once and wish I had again, or things that I am too young to have experienced but wish I had.

The first item on my Retro Wish List is metal ice trays. I have an automatic ice-maker in my freezer, but it only works when it is good and ready. Also, with six people in the house, the ice-maker can't keep up during the summer even when it is working. So we use plastic ice trays to supplement. Unfortunately, the plastic ones develop holes and cracks in them way too quickly. I have a vague memory of using metal trays as a kid, and jiggling the lever to break up the ice. Even though I've read on other blogs that the lever on the metal trays breaks pretty easily, I still would like to give one a try.


Miss Eliza Sea said...

I want metal ice cube trays too!! We don't have an ice maker in our fridge, and no ice cube trays either. Where do you find the metal ones??

Dani in NC said...

New ones aren't easy to find. I read that iKitchen.com and Bed, Bath, and Beyond had them, but they are both sold out. I've seen several listings for vintage ones on eBay.

Anita said...


The above link is for new ice cube trays sold by Vermont Country Store.
Sadly, these trays are made in China. So if you are electing to avoid Chinese made goods, buy vintage trays on eBay.
As for the tray breaking. If you allow the ice cube tray to warm slightly and the mechanism will not be as strained as fresh out of the freezer.