29 November 2006

WARNING: Discussion of bodily functions to follow

My Thanksgiving weekend wasn't without its low point.  Poor ABM got sick on Thursday.  My man is hardcore when it comes to illness, though, and it doesn't stop him from doing what he wants to do.  Case in point:

We were supposed to visit some friends on Thursday evening.  ABM felt fine most of the day but started feeling a little queasy in the afternoon.  We decided not to take the whole family out, but he had to pick up a movie from his friend's house to take back to the rental place.  When he got over there, his friend wasn't done watching the movie and it was a long one.  My husband, being the nice guy that he is, sat there while his friend and all the relatives finished watching the movie so he could take it back instead of making them drop it off at the rental place when they were done.  Not that big a deal, you say? Well, it is when you consider that ABM started developing a bit of diarrhea.  He wouldn't use the bathroom at his friend's house because he didn't want to stink it up. He couldn't run out to the local fast-food joint or coffee shop because it was Thanksgiving night and everything was closed.  So what did he do?  He sat there with his butt cheeks clenched for 90 minutes and sent me desperate text messages until the movie was over. He said good-by to his friend, dropped the movie off, and then broke the speed limit to get home.  By the time he got to the house, ABM was so sick he was spewing from both ends.

The story doesn't there.  Like a lot of people, ABM participates in the early-bird Black Friday shopping.  For the past five years, he has gotten up at 4a to take advantage of local sales.  This year, there wasn't anything we wanted so he was going to stay home.  Then he found out that Wal-Mart was offering an HDTV for $475.  Even though I was totally opposed to him spending that kind of money for another TV instead of toys for the kids, ABM was determined to get it.  He got up on Friday morning with his head swimming and drove over to the local Wal-Mart.  His effort yielded him nothing because there were only six units available and he didn't get one.  Not only that, but he threw up twice in the parking lot before he could drive home.  My man is nothing if not determined!
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