24 December 2001

Here I am, watching "ComicView" and working on my blog on Christmas Eve. My kids are in bed and ABM, my husband, is downstairs watching "WWF Raw". This is exactly how I like to spend a free evening, but I have this nagging feeling that I should be doing something Christmassy. The presents are wrapped and we don't have any visiting relatives for whom to prepare, so there isn't anything to do. Still, cultural programming is difficult to overcome. I also have a problem getting over that childish disappointment at not having any toys under the tree. I am a 35-year-old mother of four; I shouldn't have toys under the tree. Any toys I got would be whipped out of my hands by one of my babes before I could appreciate them. I am married to Mr. Practicality who likes to give clothes for Christmas. Knowing all of this, I still have a brief twinge of sadness when all the presents have been unwrapped and I have nothing with which to play. That's why I bought myself a Playstation game while I was shopping for my husband :-).

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