03 August 2006

Poetry Thursday: Singing Along

I would have thought that this week's topic would be easy. Music has pulled me through the roughest periods of my life. There are many lyrics that sound like poetry to me. Surely, I could pick something to create a poem around, couldn't I? Unfortunately, I got stumped. All those lyrics that I know by heart just flew out of my head.

Since my mind has been consumed with my eldest daughter's first formal, I offer this fragment of a poem about the experience.

The fellowship hall
Was a sea of ebony,
And sequined
And feathered.
Even eighth-grade girls
Understand the elegance
Of a little black dress.

All of this elegance
Was lost
On eighth-grade boys.
What would propel them
From the far side
Of the room
To meet the ladies-in-training
On the dance floor?

The DJ was experienced
In these matters.
He had the magic formula
To make them move --
"You can't see it
It's electric!
You gotta feel it
It's electric!
Ooh, it's shakin'
It's electric!"
Coattails flapping,
Sequins shimmering,
The party
Has finally begun.
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