28 December 2001

Math is not my strong suit and my job taxes my math skills to the limit! When it comes to utilities, everyone thinks they are paying too much. Our customers want a breakdown of every single charge on the bill. This wouldn't be so bad, except that they wait until December to ask for details from the previous December. Invariably my last call of the day is from someone who has a terrible payment history, so I have to decipher returned check fees, rate changes, partial payments, and credits from misread meters. When the customer starts throwing numbers at me, I want to just put my head down on my desk and cry!

In spite of all the stress at work, I find myself volunteering for more overtime. The official reason is that we need the money because ABM is out of work. Between you and me, though, I think I am hiding from the children. Being at work on a Saturday when the phones are not so busy is much more relaxing than being at home, listening to the kids fight with each other and whine about what I have cooked for dinner.My next day off is Thursday; perhaps I will be ready to play Mommy again by then.
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