13 January 2002

I removed myself from my adult responsibilities on Saturday and it did me a world of good. My best friend Rabbit and I had a great time doing nothing in particular. We set up a few programs on her computer, stuffed our faces, and played Scrabble poorly until 2a. Conventional wisdom dictates that everyone should take a little time for themselves, but it can be nearly impossible when you have a job AND a spouse AND a houseful of kids all clamoring for your attention. This just makes the few times I can sneak away even more precious.

Our management team just issued their pep talk memo for the beginning of the new year, and I am tickled by one section: "When the calls are slow and all your WQs have been completed you can read, knit or play games . . ." The word knit was not in last year's memo and do you know why? Because there were no knitters in the call center until I started working there. Now there is yarn on every other desk! In the space of a year, I taught over 20 people how to knit or crochet and convinced others to pull their half-finished projects out of the closet. I've always wondered how people would remember me when I go, and now I know that I have firmly established my identity among family and friends as "the knitting lady".
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