06 February 2002

"I hate my hair!" That is a common refrain in households all over the country, and it is no different around here. Unlike my sisters, I had zero interest in the Barbie styling heads my mother would buy us for Christmas. I never developed the knack to style my hair attractively. Spending $75 or more and the better part of a Saturday afternoon in a beauty salon has never been my idea of fun, either. Two years ago, I cut all my hair off into a short afro thinking that it would be a good low-maintenance hairdo. It is easy to manage, but I don't feel feminine. For a while I tried to embrace my nappiness and let my hair do what it wants to do, but the only time it looks good is when it is soaking wet. I bought a relaxer and planned to put it in on Saturday, but now I am having second thoughts. What if it looks worse and then I have to pay someone to fix my mess? What if the results are so bad that I have to wear a wig? This is one area where I envy men. ABM can shave his head bald and be sexy.

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