16 February 2002

This is not turning out to be a banner year for birthdays in our house. My birthday passed with barely a nod, but I didn't say anything because I have had a rough time remembering ABM's birthday in the past (a major sore spot between us). The twins' birthday was marred by my brother-in-law's court appearance that took all day. ABM had to take him to court in another county, and by the time they got home it was too late to take the twins for their traditional trip to Wal-Mart for new outfits and pictures. C1 has a good memory so I am sure we will hear about that day for a long time.

Today is M's birthday and it hasn't turned out much better. She invited three girls over for her first slumber party. Unfortunately, the ages of the children varied and it showed in their maturity levels. Two of the girls, who had never met before this weekend, took an instant dislike to each other. The rest of the kids sided with one girl so I spent most of my time making sure that there was no teasing and that the other girl didn't get left out of the games. Add in the fact that the kids didn't settle down until 1a and woke up again at 7a, and I was cranky by 4p. ABM was gone most of the day and didn't witness any of this so when I said I was ready for all the kids to go home at 6p instead of staying another night, he thought I was being selfish. Whether from the lack of sleep or the disagreement with ABM, I have been near tears all afternoon. I've decided to hide out in my bedroom for the rest of the evening so I don't ruin it for M.
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