10 February 2002

To most people I wouldn't be considered an older mother; after all, I had my first kid at age 26. Everything is relative, however, and I fell squarely into the older mother category last night. I accompanied my eldest daughter, M, to a skating party last night where all the kids were in her age group (8 - 9 years old) but I was the oldest mother present. This was a birthday party for the daughter of one of my co-workers, FiFi. Now FiFi just turned 24 and most of the other mothers were about the same age. None of them are that far removed from their skating days. They were flying around the rink so fast it was like watching roller derby. FiFi even got out there with the teenagers and played Power Tag! I, on the other hand, haven't skated since Michael Jackson had his original nose and "Rock With You" was getting regular airplay. "Wobbly" would be a kind word for my performance on the floor. Fortunately, I only fell once and no one in my group saw me. A J. Lo song came on and I forgot that I was on skates and started dancing; down I went on my ample tush. I will be feeling that for the next few days.
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