08 January 2005

Technology can be scary

My DirecTV service was turned off this afternoon. (Yes, I was slack over the holidays and didn't pay much attention to the household accounts. A state of denial is the only way I can bring myself to work Christmas presents into my budget. We're not discussing that now.) This isn't the first time that it has happened to me, so I wasn't exactly distraught. Anyway, they say on their website that you don't need to call in once you have made your payment; it will go through automatically and your service should be back on in about an hour. Usually, I pay it and go about my business, trusting that the service will be there when I sit down to watch some crappy TV show later on. Today I decided to see exactly how quickly DirecTV would restore my service. Let me tell you, it was restored with lightening speed. I had my TV on while I made the payment via the website, and before my high speed connection could bring me the confirmation screen I already had my service back. It was like someone read my mind and knew that I was thinking about making the payment. E-mail that I have sent to myself as a test doesn't show up that fast.
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