08 February 2005

Fix-it February: Witness My Shame

I know that the picture quality is horrible, but I lightened it on purpose to help you see the huge mistake that I made. This was my first and only attempt at making a sweater on my Incredible Sweater Machine. It also showcases the first of many problems I have had trying to make a decent neckline, although the problem wasn't really the neckline at all. The main lesson I learned is that I can't follow a pattern that gives you the directions for the left side and then says "reverse for right side". Just in case you haven't found my error yet, take a look at the shoulders. Somehow I managed to make one 4" wide and the other 8" wide. The really sad thing is that I didn't notice the discrepancy until I had already sewn on the sleeves, sewn the front to the back, and re-knit the neckline three times!

The yarn is Red Heart Sport, so it isn't particularly soft but is has great stitch definition. I used a couple skeins of it to make a cabled vest for DJ (still unfinished!) I could just turn this jacket into several hats, but I don't usually have a large amount of yarn in the same dye lot so I would hate to do that. There is a Debbie Bliss book in my collection that has several textured children's jackets, so perhaps I will make one of those.Posted by Hello
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