01 February 2005

The View; Fix-It February

Did anyone see The View yesterday? Joy Behar, who I agree with on a lot of issues, went on a tear about a woman who was allowed to bring knitting needles onto a flight she took from Palm Springs to New York. She said that she couldn't believe that security let this woman onto the plane with such "deadly weapons". I don't fly so I don't ever face this problem, but the first thing I thought was "Great! Knitters have been struggling for the past three years to be allowed to carry their WIPs on board and she has just made it that much harder!" Joy also said that if she had seen a man knitting she would have immediately alerted the flight attendant to have the needles confiscated because it would be more likely that he was a terrorist. To top it off, when Meredith Viera mentioned that she wanted to learn to knit because she had heard that it was therapeutic, the other three women basically told her she was nuts. It was not a good morning for knitting on TV.

Today is the first day of Fix-It February, the knit-along being hosted on the blue blog. The idea is to rip and re-knit any projects you have lying around that aren't working for you. For me, this is going to be Fix-It and Finish It February. I have a couple things to fix but I have a whole lot more that need to be finished. I may even attack the messed-up neckline on my first machine-knit sweater. Before I can rip anything, however, I have to finish that blasted Spongebob blanket!

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