05 March 2005

Enough is enough is enough

"Enough is enough is enough
I can't go on, I can't go on no more, no!"
Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer, "No More Tears"

This is one of my favorite Barbra Streisand song and it is from the end of the disco era (1979). I'm sure that true Barbra fans think this song was a low point in her career but it is a great song to shout along with, especially if your husband is getting on your nerves. BTW, did you know that for a 20-year span Barbra Streisand did an album a year and sometimes two? Talk about work ethic!

It's time for this week's health and exercise report. Sadly, I must report that I have gained another five lbs. I am officially at my "this is it!" weight limit of 260 lbs. I definitely have to step up my game. The cafe at work is my downfall. I've been going for the hot sandwich and fries with dessert every day. There are better choices available like a salad bar and a meat-and-two-veg option so I don't have a good excuse for not eating healthy.

Last Saturday, I vowed before my comrades over at Poor Miss Finch that I would do two things this week: buy a Walk Away the Pounds DVD and sign up for eDiets. I failed on both counts. The closest I got to eDiets was looking at the site twice this week. My bill juggling went awry and I had to pay something earlier than I planned, so I don't think I have the money for the sign-up fee right now. I'm going to check the site again and see if they are running any kind of special.

As for the DVD, I didn't totally screw up. When I got to FYE, I remembered that I was also interested in Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease DVD so I bought that instead. Now you may ask, why would a nice Christian girl be interested in an exercise routine that is only a couple steps' above soft-core porn? Well, this nice Christian girl ain't stupid; as they say, if your man can't get his jelly at home, he'll check out the jam across the street :-). Anyway, I used this DVD twice this week. It is fun but I really had to add my own energy to get any sort of workout from it. Some workouts are strenuous enough that you break a sweat just trying to learn the moves and keep up with the pace, but this isn't one of those. There are three routines on this disc and after a few run-throughs of the first one I feel like I can keep up with the pace, so my workout is coming from exaggerating the movements and adding the flair. To mix things up, I also did a 15-minute bun workout on Tuesday that I recorded a while back from FitTV. That routine kept me sore for the rest of the week!
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