18 June 2005

Health Update

Nothing much to post today. My exercise total for this week is one hour and 15 minutes. I thought that I would manage a bit more, but I have trouble making myself exercise on the weekends. This is one mental block that I have to eliminate because it will be difficult to make any progress if I only exercise a few days a week.

ABM has announced, yet again, that he is going to start a new diet on Monday. I should be supportive, but I feel like he is going in the wrong direction. Like many Americans, he is always searching for the magic solution to weight loss. In my opinion, the only thing that is going to work for either of us is learning how to work within the construct of our lives. Allow me to be real for a moment. We ain't gonna be countin' points, makin' low-carb meals, or juicin' anything. In a perfect world we'd have a deluxe workout space in the basement and a personal trainer, but that ain't happenin' either. Our budget won't allow us to go to diet doctors or buy Lean Cuisines indefinitely. Bottom line, we have to eat smaller portions and move our butts more often. Hopefully, ABM will get that this time.
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