15 June 2005

Podcast Talk: Croncast, Family Tech Show

Exercise: 25 min. (Caribbean Workout on FitTV)

My quads and glutes are still sore from yesterday, but I forced myself to exercise. It is easier for me to push myself if I don't know what is coming up next, so I turned on FitTV. I didn't make it all the way through, but I got a good workout. When you can smell the perfume that you thought wore off earlier in the day, then you know you are working up a good sweat!

My podcasting listening experience has been frustrating this week. The IT department at my job has put an internet monitoring program in place and the sites it blocks seem to be rather random. I just found out Monday that I can no longer access Croncast from work. This is a great show that makes me laugh every single time I listen to it. The presenters are a husband and wife, Betsy and Kris, and they discuss everyday couple stuff -- household chores, childrearing, shopping, etc. -- but they are SO funny. Betsy has a Goodwill fetish that she discusses on almost every show, and the stories of how they don't fit into their middle-class suburban neighborhood have me covering my mouth so that I don't laugh out loud. It is not 100% work-safe but it isn't nearly as bad as Dawn and Drew or similar shows with a guy-girl team. I don't understand why it got blocked. Now I'll have to download it to my mp3 player from home and take it to work with me.

Speaking of mp3 players, that was the other source of my frustration. I was trying to load Family Tech Show onto my player, but Windows Media Player kept telling me that there was something wrong with the file. When I listened to it from work today, I think I know the problem. Each show is three hours' long! My player doesn't have that much space on it. I finally got a chance to listen to the show, and it wasn't what I expected. This is one of those conventional radio shows that has just been transferred to a podcast, complete with commercials. The "family" comes in because the guy-gal team are married, and they also use reviews from their eight-year-old daughter. It's not bad, but it doesn't feel as intimate as the homegrown shows that I have been listening to for the past several weeks. This show is going on the bottom of my list for those days when I have run out of my regular shows to listen to.
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