14 June 2005

Exercise: 15 min. (Tamilee Webb -- Buns)

Today's workout wasn't as long as yesterday's session, but I worked harder. After two sets of squats and lunges my legs were shaky and my butt was sore. The problem is that after doing this routine once, I take a while to go back to it because I remember how sore it makes me. My goal is to do it at least one more time this week.

Now, let's get on to what I've almost been knitting lately:

Here's the progress on the newborn sweater. There isn't much because I didn't work on it over the weekend. I taught one of my coworkers to knit on Friday and I ended up lending her the needle I was using for this project. The needles she had were totally inappropriate for the yarn that she bought and I could see that she was getting frustrated. Once I shifted her project (a diagonal garter-stitch baby blanket) onto my size 10.5 circular, she was able to knit without splitting the yarn. By the time I saw her on Monday, she had knit half the blanket and was ready for me to teach her to decrease! She also bought her own needle and returned mine; ABM would have given me a big "I told you so" because I've lost needles to students before.

This is what I worked on while I was waiting to get my other needle back. A couple weeks' ago I picked out five yarns that have been marinating in my stashette and left them in plain sight by my bed. My goal was to knit up these yarns before moving on to anything else, and I thought that looking at them every day would give me some ideas. Since I am still on this baby kick, I cast on for a cardigan using a Debbie Bliss pattern. Here is a close-up of the yarn:

I know it is blurry, but hopefully you can see a bit of the slubbiness. This yarn is a cotton/acrylic/viscose/silk blend prooduced in Switzerland. It is a thick-and-thin yarn where the thin is almost fingering weight and the thick is a little more than DK weight. The yarn is called Nancy and I don't know how old it is but I have had it for at least five years. I'm using US size 3 needles, which is weird for me because I try to avoid anything smaller than size 8 unless I am knitting socks. The yarn is knitting up into such a pleasant fabric that I think I would rather turn it into a tank top. I only have 460 meters of this stuff so I'm pretty sure that won't make a tank for me, but I might be able to make one for M. She's still miffed that I made a halter for C2, so I should make her something. Ugh -- more pattern hunting!

Do you see how I am getting further and further from my afghan goal? It is almost July and I haven't even started. However, Timothy has posted an intriguing pattern for a baby afghan on his blog (scroll down past the Memorial Day session report). It is tempting, but I don't have any baby yarn on hand. Perhaps I'll use the yarn I have and call it a lap throw.
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