16 June 2005

Knitting Geegaws

Exercise: 20 pushups, 25 situps

Two days of working my quads and my glutes is enough for me. I couldn't do a third day in a row because I am barely walking now. Besides, my upper body isn't getting enough attention.

Catherine recently had a post about how appealing knitting accessories can be. I tend to be a minimalist knitter. There are no beaded stitch markers in my knitting bag. Heck, I don't even have a stylish knitting bag. I'd rather spend my meager budget on needles, yarn, and patterns. ABM, however, is trying to be a considerate gift buyer so he is starting to get me knitting-related items. Several months ago he bought me this tally set. I just pulled them out of the drawer the other day, and now I am trying to figure out why I have never used these things before. They are great! In the past, I've tried using a Kacha counter and a pegboard counter with little success. Neither one of these worked for me because I do the majority of my knitting on the go and the numbers would change or the pegs would fall out while they were rolling around in my bag. These tally things are great because they slide right onto my needle and the dials are stiff enough to stay put until I mean to turn them. I will be relying on pencil and paper much less now!
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