24 July 2005

Changes, changes

I just wanted to give my readers a warning (all ten of you). I will be experimenting with the layout of my blog a bit this week. There are lots of great templates available for free out there, but I have been avoiding them because I am uncomfortable with the tweaking that is required. Well, I am going to step out of my comfort zone and make some changes. In addition to changing the template, I am going to figure out how to add buttons. So if you see my blog change several times this week, don't think you've clicked the wrong link -- it's just me trying on new blog-clothes!

Another change that I am considering is the title. My original idea was to pick a different title each year based on my knitting goals. Now I feel that the title doesn't fit my blog at all. Although I am a knitter, there is very little knitting on this blog. Knitters who stumble across my blog are probably very disappointed. So I will be racking my brain to come up with a title that captures the true flavor of my blog.
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