27 August 2005

Health Update

Well, I didn't lose a whole pound; I actually lost only 6/10 of a pound, but the tracker wouldn't register that. I guess I should be a bit discouraged after last week's big loss, but I'm not. I'm in this for the long haul, so I'm trying not to dwell on how much I actually have to lose. NotMissy, however, is feeling very down on herself because she didn't lose anything this week. Trying to lift her spirits and keep her motivated distracts me from worrying about myself.

Instead, I am focusing on sticking to the plan. Most foods I like fit into the Flex plan pretty well, except for pizza. A slice of delivery pizza has as many points as a burger or most frozen entrees, but it is less filling. It is difficult for me to eat pizza and not go overboard, but I am going to try tonight. For the past two weeks, I have stayed about five points under my points range almost every day but I think I am going to dip into my weekly points allowance tonight. I know I won't stick with this if I feel deprived, and I am feeling the need for pizza.
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