03 September 2005

Health Update

I'm not putting up my slider this week because I didn't go to my WW meeting. With the gas shortage scare in my area, NotMissy's husband wanted her to minimize her driving. On top of that, she hurt her neck so she had to limit her activities. I wish there were a Saturday afternoon meeting in my area so ABM could take me.

Anyway, I stepped on my new digital scale and it read 258. However, I'm not sure I believe that number since I have a hard week food-wise. I go through weeks where I am ravenous. No food is safe near me. The menu choices in the caf weren't the best and I snacked more than usual, so I doubt that I lost even an ounce this week.

On the positive side, I did exercise this week. In addition to my walking, I did crunches twice this week. My goal is to do crunches and upper body exercises three times a week. ABM also renewed his community gym membership (only $14 for two months!) so that he can feel free to get sweaty and take a shower before going to work.
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