21 October 2005

Call Me the Cast Off Queen

ABM and I have a strange dynamic when it comes to technology. He acts like he doesn't care that much about new gadgets and such, but it isn't true. To outsiders, I'm the wannabe geek in this house who is into all the "boy" hobbies like computer games and comic books. It takes me a while to talk ABM into letting me get a new toy but somehow after I get it, he winds up using it more than me or getting a better one. For instance, it took me two years to convince him that we should move up from dial-up internet to broadband. Once we did, I could barely get near the computer because he was always playing Spades on Yahoo!

Right now we are in the midst of a friendly gadget battle. ABM bought me a very basic mp3 player a few months' ago after much begging. Once he saw how useful it was, he went out and bought himself one -- still basic, but a nicer model than mine. After I bought M a used Handspring PDA on eBay, ABM bought a Palm m505 and a Palm Zire. Guess who got the m505 (which has half the memory and a dimmer screen)? Me, of course. I do all the research just so he can get the model with the bells and whistles. The last straw was when he told me yesterday that, after only having his mp3 player two weeks, he is ready to move up to an iPod. What!?! I almost threw a shoe at him. He better tread lightly because he knows that he can't figure out how to work all these gadgets without me :-).
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