17 October 2005

Growing My Own Gamers #2

The Kerplunk game that I found on eBay arrived on Saturday. This is the 1967 edition of the game. I know that I could have purchased it new, but (a) it was cheaper and (b) I like the box. C1, C2, and DJ all had great fun playing it, but this will mainly be a warm-up on game nights because it takes a little while to set up.

The only other game we played this weekend was Speed (some of you may know it as Spit). The layout I use is two 5-card reserve piles and 20 cards to each player with only 5 cards allowed in your hand at a time. I can see that we need to play this a few times before we move on to more complicated card games. C2 did the best, but all three of the kids had trouble remembering that you could only play a card if it was one higher or one lower than the card on top of the stack.

I picked up another vintage game on eBay this weekend called Stay Alive. This game is on my list of toys I wanted as a kid but didn't get. As you can probably tell, spending time on eBay has altered my game-buying strategy. I can pick up these old kids' games even cheaper than new card games and satisfy my inner child in the process :-).

Even though I discovered that there is a new reproduction edition of the classic Mystery Date, I have decided against getting the game. I'm attracted to the retro girliness of it, but I think I should concentrate on games that have a bit more of a challenge. Besides, DJ feels left out a lot as the only boy; buying a girls-only game would only make it worse.
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