22 October 2005

Health Update

Two scales don't lie; my weigh-in this morning was 257.5 pounds. Somehow I have gained 3.5 pounds in the past week. My WW points target changed without me noticing it until Wednesday so I'm sure that had a bit to do with it. My target was 35 points a day and now it is 30. I use the WW website to keep track of my points but usually I am entering points at work, which means I enter my meal and close the window quickly before my boss sees me :-). This week, however, I pried one of the PDAs out of ABM's hands and downloaded Weight Watchers On-The-Go, which is their tracking software designed to sync up with my online eTools account. It takes up a good bit of space on my little 8 MB Palm, but I have access to the same restaurant and grocery database that I use online. Since I am a gadgety girl, I am more likely to keep track of every single thing that I eat if I use the PDA. I want to get a handle on this before my weight goes right back to where I started.

I haven't exercised much this week, but I enjoyed what I did. I did Walk Away the Pounds for 20 minutes on Monday and 10 minutes on Tuesday. Believe it or not, I did it before I went to work. This is the best time for me to exercise, but it is difficult for me to make it a habit.

I also did Jack Lalanne twice this week. Yes, I said Jack Lalanne. ESPN Classic shows his original black-and-white shows from the 1950s early in the morning. I vaguely remember seeing Jack Lalanne on TV in the mid-1970s so I thought it would be funny to try one of his workouts. For someone in poor physical condition like me, Jack Lalanne is no joke. There are a couple things in his workouts that I can't do, like the bicycle. I don't think that his workout is enough by itself but it makes a good addition to walking.
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