17 November 2005

Congrats to all my babymaking friends out there

I let my loner flag fly the other day and posted a cranky mini-rant about not being interested in other people's babies. For all my gestating gal pals, this does not mean that I don't want to hear about your pregnancies. For those of you who have already pushed out your little spawn, go ahead and bring those baby pictures around. I want to hear about them because I care about you. It's when I barely know the person and I am expected to coo over their kid that I have a problem.

My friend NotMissy is attracted to all babies, no matter who birthed them. I, however, had trouble being interested in my own kids until they were about two. Now that they can all play cards and carry on a decent conversation, they've become much more fascinating to me. So you may want to wait until your offspring can discuss his favorite video game before you risk exposing him to me; then I can be "Mom's cool friend" rather than "that grumpy lady Mom knows".
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