01 November 2005

Halloween Candy Overload

I think I have finally reached the point where holiday goodies don't tempt me much. The kids hauled in a lot of candy (enough to fill two plastic grocery bags to bursting) and it wasn't the cheap stuff. After sifting through it with ABM to remove all the gum, though, there were very few items that I thought were worth the calories. I felt the same way last Christmas and I wasn't even dieting then. I don't really believe in taking any foods off my "allowed" list; for instance, I am having macaroni and cheese and fried okra for lunch without a pang of guilt. However, I am working on only eating stuff that I truly want. This is not the same as only eating when you are hungry. A lot of times I am hungry but I am too lazy to cook, so I will end up eating five things that don't require cooking. I could save a lot of points if I would just take a few minutes to cook the thing I really wanted.
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