21 January 2006

Totally Wasted Day

The plan for today was to catch up on my blogs while I drink my morning coffee and then attack the pile of books in the garage, weeding out the ones I don't want and putting the good ones on my new-to-me bookshelves. It is now 9:20p EST, and I am still reading blog entries. Don't worry--I did take a couple breaks to brush my teeth and feed the kids.

Somewhere around 3p, I realized that I had crossed the line and there was no way that I could redeem this day. Why do I do this? I am not tired enough to feel good about sitting in bed all day, but I can't find the energy or inspiration to get up. The biggest problem is my attitude. I have this sense of entitlement about my weekends. I don't want to waste them doing housework, yet I want the housework to be done. When I throw myself into a project like cleaning out the refrigerator, I get mad at how long it took instead of being happy that the job is completed. I've got to find a way to get over this because I want to set a better example for my kids. I don't want to unleash sloppy people on their future roommates and spouses!
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