21 January 2006

National Body Challenge

Have any of you seen the new National Body Challenge? There is a family called the Craigs that seems to represent most Americans, including myself. They know what they should eat, but they don't like the taste of it. The mother tried to cook a healthy meal and the dad and the kid complained about it the whole time. The mother didn't even want to eat it. She just kept saying, "We've got to learn to like it."

This fits me to a T. No matter what you tell me, vegetables don't taste as good as junk food. I can hear you saying, "But there is some mediocre junk food out there!" That is true, but then we run into the second problem: time. A mediocre can of beefaroni is quicker to prepare than any of the healthy options. The other family is a perfect representative of this issue. The mom wanted to stick to the plan but she got to the end of her normal busy workday and was just too tired to do anything other than drive through the closest fast food joint. Again, I can identify. I don't want to spend even 20 minutes in the kitchen after a long day at work. If I spend time in the kitchen and end up with a meal that is good for me but doesn't give me that taste satisfaction, I am one cranky woman!
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