21 January 2006

Disney Channel's "High School Musical"

Everyone knows that I am a sucker for teen programming. I can't even call it a guilty pleasure because I am not in the least bit embarrassed about it. Disney Channel has been instrumental in supplying my need for such programming; they premiere a new movie every month that was made specifically for them.

This weekend they debuted "High School Musical", the story of a guy and gal who meet on vacation only to find that they will be attending the same high school (shades of "Grease", anyone?). The two teenagers met while singing karaoke, but singing has no place in their everyday lives. He is the jock who rules the school, and she is the math geek who wants to be know for something different. So they both audition for the school musical against the wishes of their friends who don't want to upset the status quo.

It is everything you expect a musical to be: corny and full of dance numbers with a happy ending. True musical theater critics would probably find fault with it, but I think it is preparing the next generation to accept this genre. Most of my peers can't understand musicals (ABM says all the singing and dancing interrupts the plot) but my kids love them. This isn't too surprising since they are being raised by a Broadway-loving mom, but other kids who visit seem to like them as well.
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