01 February 2006

Water Cooler Talk: Gilmore Girls

"Friday Night's Alright for Fighting"

--The fans who say that Luke and Lorelei have chemistry must be wearing better glasses than mine. Luke went to hug her and he couldn't even do that right. Some may find the bumbling endearing, but there is nothing that makes my heart go pitter-pat when I see them together. It makes me wonder id the actors even like each other off-screen.

--Does Lorelei have to have everything center around her? I'm starting to think she is an attention hog. The way she pouted because she couldn't meet Luke's daughter right away was childish. He has only had three meeting with her himself! She needs to give them some space. He has been understanding about all of Lorelei's issues, but for some reason she can't see that.

--I never expected Lorelei to be the one showing signs of maturity. As much as she enjoyed torturing her mom in earlier episodes, I was surprised when she advised Rory to make it up with them.

--Was Logan being sweet when he helped Rory with the newspaper crisis or was he throwing his weight around? Rory proved in the DAR fundraiser episodes that she can be a great last-minute general so I don't think she really needed him to take command. Tell me if I am seeing this the wrong way.

--The family fight at the end of the episode reminded me of some 1970s movie that I saw but can't remember the title. Was the show paying homage to some famous director and I missed it in the credits?

--The previews for next week have me worried. If Logan and Rory get married, I'll be fine. If Rory turns out to be pregnant, I will emit the scream heard 'round the world.
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