14 March 2006

Cathi chastised me for talking about Pizza Bites and then not telling how they taste. Well, I wouldn't know because I didn't get any. The kids scarfed them down, though, so they must have been good. I got a Veggie Lover's pizza and I must admit that the crust wasn't as bad as I remembered.

As for the mystery concerning Pizza Hut knowing my address, ABM says that we ordered from them several years' ago. This brings me to one of ABM's quirks. When I wondered out loud whether Pizza Hut delivered to our house, he said they do. ABM is a man who will insist that something is so just because he believes it should be. Hence, I usually require a little more evidence instead of accepting a simple "yes" from him. He knows this and I think he takes perverse pleasure in not providing it. Why can't he just say, "Don't you remember, honey? We've ordered from them before?" Instead he makes me figure it out myself and then says, "You should have remembered." Arggh!

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