10 March 2006

Something garlicky is going on

Pizza Hut is my least favorite pizza chain. I think their crust tastes like a buttermilk biscuit. That would be great if it was slathered in butter next to a slice of ham, but it is not the flavor I am looking for when I order pizza. However, DJ has been begging me to order their new Cheesy Bites pizza so I gave in. I called to place my order and the girl asked me for my phone number. Nothing unusual there. Imagine my surprise when after taking my number, she called me by name and read out my street address! My mind may be a bit feeble at times but I know that I have never called for a pizza delivery from that restaurant. I wasn't even sure they delivered. ABM seemed awfully sure that they delivered, though. I think he's been ordering pizza when I'm not at home.
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