04 March 2006

Health Update

The most work I've done this week toward my weight loss is change my ticker :-). Although I like the graphics from the Ticker Factory better, this one from Choosing2Lose is easier to read because the numbers don't overlap when the current weight is very close to the starting weight. As you can see, I am down half a pound from my January starting weight. This is actually one pound less than I weighed last week. It's not much, but I am moving in the right direction.

Speaking of moving, I didn't do much this week. If you've read my last few posts, you know I've been in a bit of a funk since last weekend. To pull myself out of it, I did housework and played cards with the kids during my exercise time. I hate housework, but it's the one thing that makes me feel like I'm contributing to the family. However, the weather is getting nicer here in NC so I may load some podcasts onto my SD card and start walking before work again.

What is making me feel more inspired to exercise, you ask? I've been watching Australia's Biggest Loser. It is almost the same as the US program; they even use the same trainers, Bob and Jillian. The biggest difference is that the Aussie version is only 30 minutes long and is aired five days a week. Now that I've found a couple programs that make BitTorrent my friend, I have a fresh episode waiting on my computer the morning after it airs. Shows like this make me want to get up off my butt, even though I know that they are working in a controlled environment and I will not lose weight as quickly as they did. Plus my brain is getting a workout as I try to convert kilos to pounds in my head :-).

As for food, I didn't make any drastic changes but I did better than I expected. I managed to go without sweet iced tea for four days out of the five and I skipped fries for three days out of five. That's probably how I lost half a pound. Next week, I will try to switch from coffee to green tea in the mornings. I think this will help because I tend to use less sugar when drinking hot tea than I do when I drink coffee. By the by, all these changes I'm making apply to the weekdays which is when I do the most mindless eating. I'm not stressing about the weekends right now because I tend to get wrapped up in activities and not eat as much.
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