20 March 2006

Today's exercise: Biggest Loser Workout (routine #1)

I made it through the warmup and the body of the workout but I started feeling queasy during the cool-down. Perhaps I drank too much water. I tried to sip, but I was so thirsty (a rare occurrence for me). If I had made it all the way to the end, I could have counted 40 minutes for today. Oh, well--there's always tomorrow.

On the upside, I think I finally understand how to "engage my core" so that my abs get a workout without traditional situps. As much as Billy Blanks annoys me, I have to admit that his advice to concentrate while exercising is working. Exercise doesn't come as naturally as breathing to me so I often have to be told, "You should be feeling this in your abs." Then I actually have to think, "OK, legs, stop doing all the work. Abs, pull!" Workouts that I thought were light make me break a sweat once I start concentrating.

I met my daily goal of no fries and no sweet iced tea. Since I was out of drink mix, I tried Splenda in unsweetened tea. It wasn't bad. I think I found the balance that eliminated the bitterness of the tea without leaving too much of an artificial sweetener aftertaste. Best of all, tea is free at work.
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